Biggest so far!!

Super geeked… 18in X 24in.  I usually stay away from bigger work area because I find it incredibly daunting to fill the space and make everything bigger, but I’m happy with this guy!! Hopefully it should be finished by Sunday-ish.  I’ve been working on it this morning, but I can’t keep hitting my snooze button.. gatta get ready to go to my “other” job. ⭐️💕



Art Pricing for KPuseyArt

5×7 postcard prints $5

10×10 prints $30 framed $50

11×14 prints $30 framed $50

Original digital art commissions/requests (i.e. No physical art materials required) $100 for digital design.

1 framed print sizes up to 13×17 add $50.


Digital download and print where you choose add $10

Originals on wood panel with 1.5″ cradle
8×8 original $55. 64 sq in

12×12 original $90. 144 sq in

11×14 original $95 154 sq in

16×16 original $120. 256 sq in

12×24 original $135 288 sq in

16×20 original $145. 320 sq in

16×24 original $155. 384 sq in

20×20 original $160. 400 sq in

18×24 original $170. 432 sq in

24×24 original $220. 576 sq in

Original physical art commissions/requests are priced as listed and are subject to additional fees depending on subject matter. $100 minimum with 50% down before work begins.
Accepting PayPal for payments.

You may purchase select prints and other merchandise, such as phone cases and mugs at my Redbubble store, the link is on my homepage.
Thank you 😊



All The Good Feels

It feels fantastic when you can create something that someone else appreciates, knowing it is going to have a spot in a home, for who knows how many years or how many eyes will see it.  

Today I had a moment of good feels when I sent a sneak peek to the future owner of this piece and her reply was “Seriously it looks way better than I could’ve ever imagined! Super excited!!😀

Made my day!!  

#art #americanpitbull