Mars Retrograde

I was so focused on getting through the Mercury retrograde which ends tomorrow, that I never took the Mars retrograde into account!

Mars went retrograde back in September. My daughter keeps me up to speed on these things, and she asked if I felt tired or pretty much blah, the answer was yes. It didn’t last that long though so I assumed the retrograde of Mars had ended. Oh my gosh was I wrong! Evidently the effects of retrogrades are stronger in the beginning and at the end of the retrograde.

I have been feeling so defeated lately that she (my daughter) recommended I write down all of my self deprecating thoughts and throw them in a fire during the full blue moon. I did it, which felt really counterproductive, I normally do not voice any negativity in fear that the law of attraction will bring me negativity. I kept telling myself that the point of writing down the bad stuff was to physically see it and destroy it. I was expecting a miracle, it didn’t come. I woke up Sunday and really didn’t want to get out of bed, so I didn’t. I woke up this morning feeling the same as yesterday. BLAH 😑.

While speaking to my daughter she mentioned the Mars retrograde, and some decisions she was waiting to make until it’s end. I remembered her mentioning the Mars retrograde over a month ago so I decided to do some research. This is what I found:

Mars retrogrades signal times of crisis for the warrior in each of us, and can manifest as times of struggle to accomplish one’s goals, physical lethargy, or feelings of fighting a losing battle.

Sun Signs: An impending Mars retrograde
by Whitney Will

Anyone who read my last blog post probably noticed a bit of pessimism on my part. I’m pretty sure this is the explanation for how I’ve been feeling. GOOD NEWS, we are nearing the end of this Mars retrograde and I cannot wait to feel like myself again.

In the meantime, I’m going to allow myself to feel all the feels and know that relief is on its way! If you too have been feeling out of sorts I hope this information helps and let’s take solace in the fact that it’s not going to last forever!!

Thank you for reading! I’m also going to post the photoshoot I had of my Halloween pumpkin, which I put into the fire because it’s very existence echoed what I had been feeling about myself: Ineptitude and disappointment … I couldn’t even carve a decent pumpkin.

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