Arty Update!

Woah! I haven’t posted in over a month, so let’s talk about June!

I participated in my very first Artwalk, which I focused on getting the attendees to create some art, to add a little variation in the Artwalk experience. This was an awesome time, and I really found myself in awe of all the people in my life who support my dreams, and my business. I am so appreciative of their continued support.

At times I need to mute that nagging voice in my head that tells me that my dream is annoying and my people feel obligated to attend my events, not that they truly desire to attend. This is something I will probably always struggle with, but I recognize it for what it is. Self doubt.

I did show my artwork for the first time in a public space during this event. To say the least I was met with feelings of disappointment. Art is so much better in person opposed to a picture. I was looking forward to sharing my pieces and hoping to have some arty conversations. This was not the reality of my first showing. I had one outside visitor who participated in the interactive painting experience, whom I desperately plead my case and requested to mosey on over to where my artwork was on display, not because I was hoping to sell something, but to have someone view the pieces, love or hate, didn’t care… just see them please!! I laugh about it now.. the awkwardness of it πŸ˜‚, oh well.

The next day I had a private paint party and I met a lovely art lover who I was able to really have an arty convo with πŸ’—. Everything I imagined the artwalk would be.. she made a reality. I got to hear her thoughts about my artwork, about my brush strokes, lines, colors, feelings invoked, reminiscent of.. all that arty talk πŸ’•. We discussed the work of Degas during the teaching of the painting, and before I knew it.. I was totally influenced/ inspired to create a ballerina instead of the ballgown I was planned to paint. Disclaimer: this was after the participants were all caught up and working on their own versions of the dress they wanted to paint 😁, this was a super informal class!! Anyway…I was unsure about ballet slippers, and instead of looking up reference photos… she was able to describe what the slippers would like from the perspective and pose I was trying render. At that point I felt the piece was hers… I had already made up my mind that I would give it to her after it was finished. She beat me to it, she asked to buy the painting when I was ready to part with it. πŸ’•β­οΈ

I struggle so much with the monetary value of my artwork. To me they are all priceless, my art babies, and sometimes it’s easier to think of them as these emotionally charged gifts, opposed to a material thing of monetary value. I wrestled with so many thoughts… in the end I charged the price it would of costs had she painted it herself in the class. She topped the asking price by $20 and totally put my guilty feelings to bed! When it was time to pack everything up to leave I was in tears, so grateful for having met this woman and the impact she had on my outlook, especially after feeling disappointment from the lack of interest in my work at the artwalk.

What else happened in June……I was able to complete a portrait commission that I actually “quit” almost to the exact date one year ago! A true testament to how much an artist can grow and the amount of confidence that can be built with daily practice. #proudmoment

Let’s see…. I’ve been very active on my YouTube channel, posting a few videos a week. I am feeling more confident as far as recording the voiceovers on the videos, which is nice πŸ‘. I’m not positive what my overall reason is for having a YouTube channel, probably the same as having a blog lol… because I want to, and I enjoy having many creative outlets!! There is a freedom in this platform… where I get to express myself and not really worry too much about what happens after. Definitely different than creating physical pieces of art, which every fiber of my being is called to do… but at the end of the magical practice of creating a piece.. sits the business of it all. I can’t just set it and forget it, I have to become a promoter, saleswoman, and accountant. I can think of worse things to be responsible for πŸ˜‚πŸ’•.

Thank you for reading! Maybe I will just continue to recap the month in future posts! My little arty update diary.

Heres a little something for your eyes πŸ‘€ most are finished, one is not πŸ˜†.

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Hand Lettering Class at Art Supply Depo


I added a new skill to my arsenal today! This is something that I have been wanting to learn, it sucks when you have an inspirational quote or word that you want to use on a project, and you realize it looks look crap in your own writing. I encourage you to try your hand at hand lettering, make that welcome sign, personalize a wood plank, charge people to personalize their stuff for them… I see business opportunities all over this skill! And OH my gosh it is so relaxing 😌 . They provided us with a Tombow marker and some super swanky Strathmore marker paper. AND they were ours to keep!! So thank you to my beautiful daughter for the gift of learning hand-letteringΒ πŸ’—.

Thank you for reading!

Always Learning 😊

So, as everyone knows I am “self taught” with this art stuff. I am actually YouTube, Skillshare, and good old fashion trial and error. There are things I never “knew” but just knew they didn’t work. I’ve been watching The Art Sherpa on YouTube and she always says if you are having a problem with a painting.. it is probably the tools or products you are using, not the fault of the artist! So today, as I was “working” (I definitely consider all of the research I do and videos I watch to be one of the work portions of this art journey), that 1) your acrylic paint won’t bind if there is too much water involved… now I knew this… and in my classes that I teach I say… “woah! You have way too much water”!! πŸ˜‚, and I know that if there is a spot on a painting that it seems the paint won’t stick… too much water has been used at some point in the painting. But NOW I know why… and I get to verbalize why at my next class 😊. 2) Acrylic brushes should be stiff so the paint can be pushed into to canvas. I have a few brushes that I always place at the tables for my painters… but I always suggest this one really stiff rounded flat brush.. “it’s my favorite”. That must be why.. trial and error must of taught me that the stiff brush gives good results! So, I am going to omit the other brushes. In fact.. after I post this I am going to go through all my Art & Sip brushes and discard the brushes that aren’t ideal. πŸ’—

Ooh ooh ooh I can’t wait until Friday’s class πŸ€— when I get to teach what I learned πŸ€—

Thanks for reading!! Have a great day!

And as always here’s something for your eyes πŸ‘€.

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When I started my YouTube channel it was basically to record the painting, or drawing process… why… I’m not really sure at this point. It seemed like the logical next step I guess. What I didn’t know is how much fun editing and producing a non artwork video would be. I made a lil 5 minute movie, which took probably 6 hours to complete ⭐️ It is stupidly funny…. if you have a weird sense of humor I guess. I’m so thankful I have so many creative outlets, what the heck was I doing before all this?

Here is my painting from today, I am in the process of uploading the video footage, which is going to take awhile, it is about 5 hours of footage… by the time I’m done with it, probably will compress it to 15 minutes πŸ’—

There is a link to my YouTube channel in the menu on my home page if you want to check it out πŸ’— πŸ’—

Have an awesome day πŸ’—

Just an Arty Update

The Art & Sip paint nights are going well!! I have so much support from my family and friends, they really give me the encouragement that I need to reinforce in my mind that what I am doing matters in this world πŸ’—.

This portion of my Arty career is the most business oriented. Coming up with paintings that I hope other people would want to paint, and then figuring out how to teach them to do it!! Ordering art supplies, and making sure I have the things that my painters request to have, like skinny paint markers.

When I go home after paint night I am wired… just pure happiness that comes from doing something you love and making a living doing it!! What more could a person want?

I have quite a few originals that I think it might be time to start selling. Maybe I could host my own coming out party. Have a little gallery show at Element 112. #goals

Thank you for reading. And here is something for your eyes 😊


Practice, Practice, Practice

The ability to complete, AND be proud of a portrait piece has always been elusive for me. I really made it a goal to practice faces, and send them to my daughter for critique. When I am drawing a portrait I always have a story in my head that she shared about an art student and an art teacher. The story goes: the art student had an orange in front of her and was told to paint the orange that she sees, she does this and is so proud of her orange…when the teacher comes by he says to do it over. She asks why, feeling her orange was perfect. He told her, while you have painted a beautiful orange, it is not the orange in front of you. Paint the orange you see with your eyes, not the one you see in your mind.

So my daughter continues on, she said the face that you painted is a cute face, but it’s not his face. Paint the face you see.

I have a long way to go, and my goal is not to become the worlds best portrait artist, but to have that skill in my arsenal to be used when I need it!

With that being said, here is the piece that sparked this blog post, a commissioned artwork involving a photo that was taken in Hawaii, and a lot of creative freedom to make the background whatever I wanted!

Thanks for reading! Here is the finished piece.

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Make it Work Moment

I had a Tim Gunn “make it work” moment. I use Art Resin and now I have the color tints that can be added, so I was having fun experimenting. Originally this piece was the purple and white resin with one strip of silver corrugated paper. I just put it on where I wanted it and let it cure. What I didn’t count on was the self leveling that the resin does while it cures, so when it was done my silver paper strip shifted and was slightly diagonal. The fact that the strip wasn’t straight was so off putting to me and I let it sit for over a month. I didn’t want to waste materials so I sat down and stared at it for probably an hour or longer, and was about to throw it away…. but out of nowhere inspiration hit. Now I have a hot air balloon and the diagonal strip has been transformed into a basket πŸ’Ÿ. I used about a million buttons for the balloons, trying to use materials I have had for years during other crazy art experiments πŸ˜†

So long story short… I’m glad I didn’t throw it away, and I’m glad that I’ve been watching Project Runway and had Tim Gunn’s voice in my head to “make it work”.

Thanks for reading πŸ’—

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Art: Hobby to Business

Making artwork is one of the most rewarding things in my life, so of course I want to marry creating art with a successful career. Who says we can’t live our dreams? It’s hard work, and making the move into art as a career is scary! I am terrible at self promotion, somehow I believe “if I build it they will come”. I am learning that I not only have to build it, I have to promote it, get my loved ones to promote it (thanks guys πŸ€—), sell it, and do it all over again! I wouldn’t change a thing, I know it’s my destiny, and this is just the beginning πŸ’—

Thanks for reading 😊, here’s a shameless promotion for my Art & Sip February 23 & March 2 πŸ’—. I now have a shop button on my Facebook page to reserve a seat, and with my new storefront I have the ability to offer coupons and discount codes, which I’m excited about!

Check it out! Use promocode 5USD-FEB18-A

To get $5 off your your purchase πŸ’—

Kimberly Pusey Art

And lastly… some pics from my first Art & Sip

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New Year Goals

I am ganna keep my goals to myself until I reach them lol πŸ˜‚

One is being reached, I had a lot of folks suggest I do a wine and canvas type night, now I knew if this was to happen I would have to actually tailor an original painting of my own…. because I don’t see the point of painting the same exact paintings that are offered at all the other paint parties. There is actually a whole website that you can buy the instructions and the exact paints, I personally am not interested in that.

So I have had lots of volunteers willing to be my art guinea pigs, which I truly appreciate so much! I have done this painting 3 times with physical supplies and once on my IPad. I am certain I have it nailed now!! Final colors have been chosen, steps have been mapped out, space has been rented, and people are coming!! 😍😊

So here are some pics of the prototype, the digital video, the 2nd go around.. which I actually ended up scrapping because I was so unhappy with it, and lastly process pics and the final painting. I will mention that at some point during the process I messed up and had to literally wash part of my canvas off… which I want to share so that people know it’s not always good and poop happens, most times mistakes can be fixed and you just keep going!!

Enjoy! Thank you for reading, I will definitely be sharing the overall experience when it’s all done!! Wish me luck ☘️


Fail Covered and put far far away

I cant remember what I messed up but it had to be completely removed… no biggie!!

I thought this was ready so I added splatters but decided I wanted to add a little bit of a pinkish hue…. so covered it up All done!! I can’t wait to see all the different styles from everyone!!

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