Arty Update!!

Dear Diary,

First bit of news!! Gutman Gallery had excepted my painting “ When Time stands still” the opening exhibition was Feb 14. And my painting sold Feb 15!! Greatest and strangest feeling. I have no idea who owns this piece… where is my baby???😩

As you all know I am an RN, when all this went down I was thankful to have a job, but the hospitals are running on nothing, just waiting for the big storm.. so for me, as a per diem employee I get last choice for shifts. This leaves me with lots of spare time!!

I also have had to social distance from my twin granddaughters during this time, so we have been on FaceTime so I get to watch them play and interact with them. This is a hard pill to swallow, I have spent 2 days a week there for a year, and I miss them like crazy!

I have had a lot of alone time with myself and we’ve had lots of good talks 😂🤣. Just trying to figure out where all of this art stuff fits into my life, and why.

I have been trying to stop the cycle I go through… where I create something that I love, I can’t believe it came from me… that high high convincing me that this is my path… followed by a very low.. failed attempt to do something better. It really is a roller coaster ride, this artist life.

For now, I have more time than ever to create, I know I need to get out of my head and just create what I feel, but it’s so hard when I look at my body of work and it’s soooooooo varying . I myself don’t mind, everything I create comes from inside me, a technique I want to try.. a color palette that I am attracted to, even subject matter. I don’t want to be pigeon holed into 1 thing. But every “art pro” says otherwise. I see the reason for it, how can someone become a collector of your art if it changes style so much, and the collector liked the other style better. I guess my hope is to produce what I want, and believe there are people who like a bit of variety 🙃 I can’t change me.. nor do I want to. Gosh it would get boring being stuck doing the same style every time. I guess in a way it IS my style, nobody else holds a paint brush like me, all my work must have SOME factor of me… color choices, and subject matter. I need to streamline at least one part of the process, sooo I’ve decided maybe my goal will be 3 paintings as mini collections. If I am taken by inspiration I will TRY my hardest to get 3 artworks that a viewer can look at and say… that is the “rainbow collection”. Or… that was her “blue period” 🤓.

Thanks for taking the time read! I hope you all are staying safe and staying home! Take the time to discover something about yourself!

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