Arty Update

October was full of fun prompts lists, I guess stemming from Jake Parker’s Inktober challenge. I didn’t participate in Inktober, but I did do some fun prompts following James Luke Burke’s Whimsyween and a cool project he started to illustrate a children’s/coffee table book featuring a story he had written as the prompts list. He plans to choose illustrations completed by different artists for each prompt. I submitted one illustration, it would be cool to be chosen 💗

So… as always I like to share what I have learned in the past month. I learned that a children’s book doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience! I have been putting it off for so long, just not sure where to start. James showed me that it starts with an idea, start with page one and write a prompt! So that’s what I did, I have approximately 30 prompts, a full on lyrical story in true Dr. Seuss fashion. Now I am taking a prompt a day and creating an illustration. Taking these tiny steps will eventually turn into a huge milestone that I was too intimidated to even start previously 😊

I’ve had to stop myself from thinking too far ahead.. like what I will do after the book is finished, because it sends me into a tailspin of questions and self doubt.

For now I am illustrating, hopefully my next Arty Update will feature a proud me with a fully illustrated children’s book complete with a life lesson about kindness 💗

Thanks for reading 😊💗 and now something for your eyes 👀

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