Arty Update: July

July, July, July…sounds weird when you say it three times!  Where do I start?  I have been busy with non-arty stuff, mostly prepping for DisneyWorld vacation, when I say prep I mean working my nurse gig, haha, can’t be a starving artist all the time!

I took a brief hiatus from the art and sip classes, however I did get to paint cupcakes (paintings, not real cupcakes) with some girls at an 11 year old’s birthday party.  I will post a pic of all the pieces below!  It always amazes me how different these group paintings turn out!

YouTube is still a go!  I have 24 loyal subscribers now….I know that number isn’t very impressive to some folks, but I appreciate those 24!  You can check out my channel from the menu link up above if you want to see what I have been up to over there 🙂

Looking back at the month it seems my goals were more in line with taking a step back, rewiring my brain to stop trying to make a masterpiece every time I sit down to doodle, (when I say masterpiece I mean something I give my blood, sweat, and tears to…and mostly gets discarded into the trash bin).  I stopped trying to paint everything at a “this is going to be the one” level, and stuck mostly with sketches, small watercolors, and art journaling.  I worked on developing my visual vocabulary, starting with sea creatures…and tested my skills with a no reference test! Video is up on YouTube if you are inclined to watch the process!

I did abandon my giant painting of Marie Antoinette (posted on last months Arty Update), I was unhappy with my skill level with acrylic paints and not getting the result I wanted….so practice, practice, practice!  I always have fun painting desserts, so I opted to paint a giant ice cream cone on the opposite side of the wood panel, Now I have a fun 4 foot by 2 foot ice cream cone painting hanging in my living room…and it makes me smile 🙂

Goals for August are:

  • finish another giant dessert painting…. I’m picturing colorful macaroons
  • post weekly on YouTube
  • work on more sea creature drawings and develop a concept for a finished piece
  • write down concepts for a children’s book
  • oooh maybe a children’s book about sea creatures….2 birds…1 stone 🙂
  • 1 art and sip class… I’m thinking elephant
  • start and finish an animated illustration of a song, a tribute to my mom, as the 1 year mark of her passing is approaching.

Sounds like I better get to it!  Just a side note… I tried to start bullet journaling…in an actual journal, but I every time I sat down to do it, it seemed like a waste of art time haha.  Typing out my monthly goals is much easier, I think when I am typing my mind is in a different space.

Thank You so much for taking the time to read my Arty Update!  Have a beautiful day!

Here’s some of July’s art!


By Kimberly Pusey

Hi there!! Allow me to introduce myself, if you had not figured it out my name is Kimberly (Kim for short). I am a mixed media artist, although sometimes my media isn't mixed at all...hmm. I live to create art, I don't discriminate!! It is my dream to be able to sustain myself as a working artist, in the meantime I am happy to continue my day job as an RN. Thank You for checking out my artwork, it is my hope that you found something that made you smile :)

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