Arty Update!

Woah! I haven’t posted in over a month, so let’s talk about June!

I participated in my very first Artwalk, which I focused on getting the attendees to create some art, to add a little variation in the Artwalk experience. This was an awesome time, and I really found myself in awe of all the people in my life who support my dreams, and my business. I am so appreciative of their continued support.

At times I need to mute that nagging voice in my head that tells me that my dream is annoying and my people feel obligated to attend my events, not that they truly desire to attend. This is something I will probably always struggle with, but I recognize it for what it is. Self doubt.

I did show my artwork for the first time in a public space during this event. To say the least I was met with feelings of disappointment. Art is so much better in person opposed to a picture. I was looking forward to sharing my pieces and hoping to have some arty conversations. This was not the reality of my first showing. I had one outside visitor who participated in the interactive painting experience, whom I desperately plead my case and requested to mosey on over to where my artwork was on display, not because I was hoping to sell something, but to have someone view the pieces, love or hate, didn’t care… just see them please!! I laugh about it now.. the awkwardness of it 😂, oh well.

The next day I had a private paint party and I met a lovely art lover who I was able to really have an arty convo with 💗. Everything I imagined the artwalk would be.. she made a reality. I got to hear her thoughts about my artwork, about my brush strokes, lines, colors, feelings invoked, reminiscent of.. all that arty talk 💕. We discussed the work of Degas during the teaching of the painting, and before I knew it.. I was totally influenced/ inspired to create a ballerina instead of the ballgown I was planned to paint. Disclaimer: this was after the participants were all caught up and working on their own versions of the dress they wanted to paint 😁, this was a super informal class!! Anyway…I was unsure about ballet slippers, and instead of looking up reference photos… she was able to describe what the slippers would like from the perspective and pose I was trying render. At that point I felt the piece was hers… I had already made up my mind that I would give it to her after it was finished. She beat me to it, she asked to buy the painting when I was ready to part with it. 💕⭐️

I struggle so much with the monetary value of my artwork. To me they are all priceless, my art babies, and sometimes it’s easier to think of them as these emotionally charged gifts, opposed to a material thing of monetary value. I wrestled with so many thoughts… in the end I charged the price it would of costs had she painted it herself in the class. She topped the asking price by $20 and totally put my guilty feelings to bed! When it was time to pack everything up to leave I was in tears, so grateful for having met this woman and the impact she had on my outlook, especially after feeling disappointment from the lack of interest in my work at the artwalk.

What else happened in June……I was able to complete a portrait commission that I actually “quit” almost to the exact date one year ago! A true testament to how much an artist can grow and the amount of confidence that can be built with daily practice. #proudmoment

Let’s see…. I’ve been very active on my YouTube channel, posting a few videos a week. I am feeling more confident as far as recording the voiceovers on the videos, which is nice 👍. I’m not positive what my overall reason is for having a YouTube channel, probably the same as having a blog lol… because I want to, and I enjoy having many creative outlets!! There is a freedom in this platform… where I get to express myself and not really worry too much about what happens after. Definitely different than creating physical pieces of art, which every fiber of my being is called to do… but at the end of the magical practice of creating a piece.. sits the business of it all. I can’t just set it and forget it, I have to become a promoter, saleswoman, and accountant. I can think of worse things to be responsible for 😂💕.

Thank you for reading! Maybe I will just continue to recap the month in future posts! My little arty update diary.

Heres a little something for your eyes 👀 most are finished, one is not 😆.

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