The Snowman Effect

I was happily creating snowman watercolor paintings… and then it happened: my husband suggested that I make an orange background, yellowish snowman wearing a flannel.. blah blah blah. I told him no, I pleaded my case, how I dislike orange, how I’m not a monkey that just makes things.. I have to be inspired by what I am creating. Don’t tell me what to do.. your not the boss of me 😂, after all that upset, I decided to try to give him what he wanted. This snowman turned out hideous, which got me thinking 🤔, this happens every time somebody asks me to paint something specific, or any suggestion at all really. It stops being natural, it turns into “work”, and the piece that I produce is never good enough in my eyes. I managed to create 6 snowman that I fell in love with one after the other…just flowing and creating, and then the 7th, the oddball, the one that stopped me in my tracks. The one that dried up all my creative juices. I decided that I am going to name this phenomenon “The Snowman Effect”. I can’t create on demand, I am not a photocopier, what I make comes from my soul… this is what makes it mine 💗, from me.

Here are my snowmen… it won’t be hard to pick out the odd man out… I feel bad for the little guy, maybe someone else will fall in love with him, it’s just not me.

#art #artistconfession

By Kimberly Pusey

Hi there!! Allow me to introduce myself, if you had not figured it out my name is Kimberly (Kim for short). I am a mixed media artist, although sometimes my media isn't mixed at all...hmm. I live to create art, I don't discriminate!! It is my dream to be able to sustain myself as a working artist, in the meantime I am happy to continue my day job as an RN. Thank You for checking out my artwork, it is my hope that you found something that made you smile :)

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