Art Time Lapse.. and A Little Candid Convo..With Myself?

I decided to make a time lapse of a painting today… 4 hours of blood, sweat, and tears condensed into 28 beautiful seconds. The painting is a snowman.. which I have gotten really proficient at lately, that is until today. The snowman is for somebody specific, cue that perfect storm I have lovingly named “the snowman effect”.

I think all artists possess the problem solving skills of… ummm artists 😂. I think the people of the world would be floored to know that most finished pieces carry “mistakes” that required the artist to adapt, and create something a little more unique. Chances are the viewer is wondering what provoked the artist to paint a octopus flying through the sky holding 8 balloons, what does it mean??? I mean.. maybe it was intentional, but it was probably supposed to be a couple of people flying through the sky holding balloons but some limbs looked weird and maybe some heads were placed too close together, soooooo the problem solving artists sees an octopus, and instead of scrapping all that hard work, go with something, ANYTHING!!

My little snafu wasn’t that major, I just smudged black under an eye, then I tried to fix it about eight different ways, none were working and I loved everything but that stupid face!! So I sealed it, primed it, sealed it again, and then was able to paint the whole face white, and start from scratch! Awesome save *pat on the back* 😁.

So without further ado, here is a art time lapse and the final painting. Enjoy and thanks for reading!! Sorry the video is upside down lol!!

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The Snowman Effect

I was happily creating snowman watercolor paintings… and then it happened: my husband suggested that I make an orange background, yellowish snowman wearing a flannel.. blah blah blah. I told him no, I pleaded my case, how I dislike orange, how I’m not a monkey that just makes things.. I have to be inspired by what I am creating. Don’t tell me what to do.. your not the boss of me 😂, after all that upset, I decided to try to give him what he wanted. This snowman turned out hideous, which got me thinking 🤔, this happens every time somebody asks me to paint something specific, or any suggestion at all really. It stops being natural, it turns into “work”, and the piece that I produce is never good enough in my eyes. I managed to create 6 snowman that I fell in love with one after the other…just flowing and creating, and then the 7th, the oddball, the one that stopped me in my tracks. The one that dried up all my creative juices. I decided that I am going to name this phenomenon “The Snowman Effect”. I can’t create on demand, I am not a photocopier, what I make comes from my soul… this is what makes it mine 💗, from me.

Here are my snowmen… it won’t be hard to pick out the odd man out… I feel bad for the little guy, maybe someone else will fall in love with him, it’s just not me.

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See Dad!?

My dad, he is the coolest 💗. I love just hanging out with him, somehow I feel cooler just knowing I share his DNA. He lives in Wisconsin, which is the worst.. not Wisconsin, but that he lives so far away. Well he was here visiting and was wondering about the resin I use to cover my art, so I got all excited and went into full blown teacher mode 🧓🏼. I demonstrated an entire pour process, from calculating how much resin to mix and lastly how to clean the tools used to mix the resin… dry paper towels if anyone is wondering… a little tip I wish I had gotten when I first started. It was kinda amusing listening to myself speaking the words I had heard so many times when I was learning the process. Long story short Dad thought it was cool, so I felt like a total rockstar, and he is planning to get some for a guitar project he is working on. So I decided to do a bit of an unveiling of the finished piece, it’s not very graceful but I was only working with one free hand 🤚.

Here it is.. I haven’t named her yet, I hope you enjoy!

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