Inspired by Klimt

“Tree of Life” by Gustav Klimt.. do I really need to say more? A while back I honestly thought this tree was my unique creation, which proves, there are really no “original” ideas in art. No two artists will produce exact replicas, unless of course there is cheating involved. My brush strokes, preferred color palettes, and materials I use will make my Klimt inspired pieces look like me, and tell my story.

I want to thank Klimt for originating this style of tree, it is by far my favorite style of tree…and it brings a bit of spirituality and deeper meaning to any of my artwork.

Here’s a little clip of my 4 super mini 4inX4in Klimt inspired trees, just poured with resin and ready to spend the next 24 hours curing!

Thanks for your time!!

By Kimberly Pusey

Hi there!! Allow me to introduce myself, if you had not figured it out my name is Kimberly (Kim for short). I am a mixed media artist, although sometimes my media isn't mixed at all...hmm. I live to create art, I don't discriminate!! It is my dream to be able to sustain myself as a working artist, in the meantime I am happy to continue my day job as an RN. Thank You for checking out my artwork, it is my hope that you found something that made you smile :)

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