Super Productive 

I’ve been really inspired and super productive 😊, which makes me happy 😃!  I’ve been practicing eyes, and found a use for that Bristol paper.  #goals 

Here are some pics of what I have been working on.  

My Crappy Art Day: Official 

What I keep hearing is you gatta make some crappy art to make some good art.  Today was officially crappy art day, I know it’s a learning process.. but dang,  art supplies aren’t cheap 😝.  

Lol, I seriously was so excited to start this, after 4 hours it finally met the trash can.  I did learn some things though.  1) I don’t know why I own Bristol paper… it is useless.  2) I really need to practice drawing eyes.  3) I don’t need to go full on, I can do a little sketch without bringing out ALL of my supplies.  4) I really hate working on anything bigger than a 12×12.  5) Bristol paper is the worst… did I say that already? 

#art #itsajourney

Ideas.. I’ve got some. 

They will, however have to wait until I bust out the next 3 days of 12 hour shifts doing the nursing gig.  

In order to bring my idea into fruition I need some things:  I am requiring a table saw, which I don’t own, a table saw operator, a date to accompany me to Home Depot, and some wood.  

I love how I can look back at where I started, consider all the types of media I have experimented with, along with all the successes and failures, but everything is adding up; I am still trying new things, but my new things echo my old things, which I love ❤️, because every last bit of it is me, my things, cohesive or not… I will continue to make what I want, what I feel on any given day.  Skulls, weird creatures, pretty flowers, cartoon dogs, pretty girls, ugly girls, doesn’t matter because they all come from me❣️ Imma do what I want!!

So enough of my “blog”, here are 3 little 6×9’s that I made for some special ladies.  I wanted to show them that I appreciate that they are in my life 💛, and was hard parting with my “babies”, but as an artist, what better gift can you give than an original piece created with that special someone in mind.  All my peeps know that I hardly ever part with an original, an issue I need to work on for sure.  I have actually talked people out of buying an original from me, so dumb… so dumb, just destined to be a starving artist 👨‍🎤.  I think I need a manager 🙄

#art #noncomformistsortof

Things are looking up

Well, been trying to get back at it.  I’ve had some small successes and some big disasters.  I feel like I’m learning again, which is kinda cool… I think tomorrow I will have something new ready to be shown.  It’s a lot different than what I’ve been doing, but it’s still me in there 💗 I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

#art #pullingmyselfbackup