Elephant: Spirit Animal

Anybody who knows me will attest to the fact that I feel deeply connected to the spirit of the elephant. I do not simply see an animal, I see a story of a gentle giant, that belongs to a herd, a herd that is bonded by love and loyalty to one another. There are accounts of mothers who stay behind, separate themselves from the herd, choosing certain death to stay with a weak and dying calf. Elephants are intelligent, strong, and compassionate beings who should not be robbed of all the wonders promised by the universe.  We as humans should not be robbed of the majesty of these giants, who were placed here free of chains, to roam the earth as they see fit. We as humans should not shackle and desecrate this gift that has been given, they do not belong to us, they belong to the universe, as do we. 

Some folks warn that personal views should not be shared, by the chance you will alienate your audience. I disagree, we as humans are free to share our beliefs to all, those who are interested will engage…those who are not may politely decline.

I have started working on a whole motif designed for my love of elephants, I will post updates!

Thank You for reading, I appreciate YOU!
#respect #art #artist #elephant

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