The Process is Chaos

I have tried so many times to organize my official art space… I have tables to work on, but I choose the floor and sitting on a pillow.  I like being surrounded by everything I could possibly need.  My back doesn’t approve of it, that is for sure.  I am positive when any of my girls come spend the night..that they hate it.  I find that when it’s all clean and everything is put away, my creativity follows suit.  So I will continue to work in chaos, and clear the bed off as needed. 💗

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Sketching today

It’s been a while since I sketched something out, I think I am going to upload it to photoshop and see how that turns out. I am hoping if I paint it digitally first I can be more sure of my color palette and keep on track ❤ instead of squeezing out all of my fave colors and putting them everywhere until it makes no sense lol… #experiencedoverkill

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