Learning Opportunities

I am a self taught artist, so I find that I work way harder to accomplish a look, or a technique that I could master alot quicker if I just had access to basic art fundamentals.  This basic knowledge gives me a better understanding of what it takes to produce high quality,  long lasting artwork.

YouTube has a ton of free instructional videos covering a plethora of art demonstrations.  Udemy has some free classes and some paid classes that have been well worth it!  Lastly, I use Skillshare,  it is a 10 dollar a month fee to take unlimited classes.

There is barely a day that passes that I don’t take at least one class.  Afterwords I am super stoked to create something!! I ❤️ art!!

Here is a little peak of what I worked on today.. I will finish it tomorrow!

By Kimberly Pusey

Hi there!! Allow me to introduce myself, if you had not figured it out my name is Kimberly (Kim for short). I am a mixed media artist, although sometimes my media isn't mixed at all...hmm. I live to create art, I don't discriminate!! It is my dream to be able to sustain myself as a working artist, in the meantime I am happy to continue my day job as an RN. Thank You for checking out my artwork, it is my hope that you found something that made you smile :)

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